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Principal's Welcome

We want to welcome you to our “new” website and also to our school, a school who does things in a different way. Gobabis Gymnasium is a small school set in the east of Namibia in the mecca of the tastiest meat and a community enthusiasm that only a few communities can boast with. As a result we have a specific type of child that wants to do things for themselves, and those who join us as new students quickly fall into the same mindset. Gobabis Gymnasium, with its 300 leaners, is competent, proud, and operate like a school with 800 learners and a very involved community of parents. Here we are focused on the creation and utilization of opportunities, through which we then develop initiative, with the bonus always being the sweet taste of personal growth. Our Heavenly Father leads us daily and we are also based on God’s Word. Programs like our Character Transformation and Womanhood programs as well as the opportunity to talk one-on-one makes the atmosphere comfortable yet strict. This webpage offers a small overview about who and what we are, and I invite you to come see -  for yourself – as to who and what we are. Feel free to converse with our ambassadors – the learners. We look forward to welcome you to Gobabis Gymnasium for the promotion of a peaceful and different development opportunity.

T. Tripodi, Principal

General information:

  • We follow the Namibian Curriculum which is underwritten by Cambridge UK

  • The school also has an accelerated curriculum which better prepares the learner for grade 12

  • All our Matric Learners over the last five years were accepted without hesitation at major South African Universities and UNAM (Namibian University)

  • Sport codes on offer – Archery, Rugby, Netball, Cycling, Athletics and Cricket. Clubs in town who assist with extra sport include a gym, freshwater angling, jukskei, rally, endurance horse riding, ballet & modern dancing.

  • We are affiliated to the Namibian Private Schools Organization and also participate in their National Athletics, National Winter sport and National Cultural Festival

Some of the exceptional performances from within the school with its 300 learners include:

  • 2017 NSSC Higher level results: Gobabis Gymnasium was 11th in the country for higher level schools. Our ranking in the country per subject: Accounting - 1st, Mathematics - 3rd, Physical Science - 4th, Afrikaans 1st Language - 5th, Biology - 11th and English Second Language - 19th.

  • An athlete participated at the recent World u/18 Athletics Champs in Kenya

  • A young lady recently won the International Endurance Horse riding Championships in Italy and also qualified for participation at the Junior Ladies World Cup in Belgium and again in September 2017 in Italy at the Ladies Nations Cup.

  • 12 Archers made up the Namibian Schools Archery Teams of 30 which came 2nd at the All Africa Championships 2017 in Namibia bringing home 5 of the 6 trophies up for grabs back to Gobabis.

  • 2 Junior Cricketers represented an Invitational Team from South Africa in India in 2017. One of the two boys also participated in Zimbabwe for the Invitational Heath Streak Festival

  • The school was awarded 34 Gold Medals at the 2016 Private Schools Cultural Festival

  • The school has won the national “Idioms Contest” 4 times sponsored and presented by our National Radio Service.

  • The school serves on the Omaheke Regional Advisory Council in the Ministry of Education which assists the Director and Minister with Educational Matters


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