On the 12th of August 1999 a parents' meeting was held in order to discuss the founding of a private high school in Gobabis. 200 people were in attendance at the NG Moedergemeente hall and decided in unison that the founding members can go ahead as planned. It was also noted that there was need for primary school and boarding house. An Article 21 company was established and negotiations were made with the show committee for the renting of their facilities. 


In November 1999 Gobabis Gymnasium was registered at the Ministry of Education and the school opened on 18 January 2000 for the first time. The children went on a leadership and team building camp under leadership of Justus Muller and then started the school year. 

Our Primary school started in 2005 with one teacher and one student. At the end of 2005 the school grew to 8 students and two teachers.

Drienie van der Schyff

Johannes Maritz

Cyril Lowe

Piet van der Walt

Founding Members

Hannes Nel

Boetie Jooste

Charmaine Silver

First School Day

First gathering in front of the office.  

18 January 2000

67 students

6 teachers

Acting Principal: Bertus van Zyl

First Grade 8 Class

Class Teacher

Mrs Mariaan Maritz

First Grade 9 Class

Class Teacher

Mrs Willemien Lowe

First Grade 10 Class

Class Teacher

Mrs Belinda Redman

First Grade 11 Class

Class Teacher

Mrs Trix Britz

First Staff Members

Willemien Lowe, Mariaan Maritz, Belinda Redman, Trix Britz, Juliana Labuschagne, Bertus van Zyl

Other Firsts

First Grade 1 & 2 Class


Erhenn van der Merwe, Thea Human

Ané Brand, Mrs. Lynette Beeker, Suné Wessels

First Grade 12 Class


Ralph Burger, Jeano van Taak, Johannes Olwage, Christelle Coetzee, Tanya Strauss, Nicola Swart,  Raymond van Schalkwyk, Clemens Kuiiri

Hester Oosthuizen, Salome van Niekerk, Mrs. Trix Britz, Bea Britz,

Lize Nel

First Student Leaders - the whole grade 11 class of 2000

Raymond van Schalkwyk, Lize Nel, Tanya Strauss, Christelle Coetzee, Nicola Swart, Jeano van Taak

Amanda Maritz, Bea Britz (headgirl), Mrs. Trix Britz, Johannes Olwage (headboy), Ralph Burger

First Staff 2000

Willemien Lowe, Mariaan Maritz, Belinda Redman

Trix Britz, Bertus van Zyl, Gisela Peters

First Athletics Meet

Regionals 2000, after Gobabis Gymnasiums own competition was canceled twice due to rain.

First Primary School Teacher and Student

First Primary School Group Photo

First Secondary School Group Photo

Mrs Lynette Beeker & Ane Brand

First Matric Farewell

History of Our School Song

Our school song was written in 2000 by Sarina Vermeulen, who wrote the lyrics, and Erina Junius who did the musical composition.

First time children sang the school song at a prize-giving ceremony 

Writers of our school song,

Sarina Vermeulen (left) Lyrics and

Erina Junius (right) Musical Composition

Erina Junius composing the music for our song.

Erina Junius with Mr. Japie Engelbrecht

Student Leaders Throughout the Years



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