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At Gobabis Gymnasium we have at heart the education of your child in the fullest sense of the word, providing high standard academic tuition and moral guidance within the broader Namibian society.

Gobabis Gymnasium has as its major goal, a school that offers an opportunity to children who are serious about their education, to develop to their fullest potential within a positive Christian environment in close proximity of their parental homes trough

- A high standard of education

- Continuous education in all levels of life

- Discipline

- Maximum involvement of parents and community

We have at heart the education of your child in the fullest sense of the word, providing high standard academic tuition and moral guidance within the broader Namibian society. We therefore follow the Namibian Senior Secondary system of education with English as medium of instruction as prescribed by the Ministry of Education. We strive to prepare our children academically, socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. We strive through professional guidance the abilities of individuals to acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills, values and attitudes required throughout their lifetimes and enable them to take their position in society as responsible caring citizens.

  The school emblem constitutes the following symbols:

- Knowledge in the Word of God and knowledge in general. 

- The camel-thorn tree of the Kalahari, with its roots

   in good soil and branches reaching upwards,

   symbolizing growth and steadfastness. 

- The sun, which is the source of light and life.



In ons land van klip en sandveld

Kalahari wyd en oop

staan 'n skool vir ons 'n tuiste

bron van kennis, lig en hoop.

Soos 'n doringboom geanker

het ons loopbaan hier begin

met die woord ons lewenskompas

toegerus die toekoms in.

Na die hoogste sal ons strewe

bly volhard en ywerig leer

Sal ons werk en groei met vreugde

in die krag van God ons Heer.

Gobabis Gymnasium School Song -
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Afrikaans First Language is compulsory in the Junior Secondary phase, i.e. Phase 1 and Phase 2 (Grades 8, 9 and 10).


English, Afrikaans, Mathematics and Life Science/Biology are compulsory from Grade 8 (Phase 1) to Grade 12.


Parents and learners must support the Christian values and norms of the school.



The school is not able to offer substantial support to learners with severe learning disabilities, but we started with remedial education in 2017 on a one-on-one basis as an extra to main stream classes.

The school is almost fully wheelchair accessible and may accept learners with physical disabilities. Any additional costs relating to this acceptance will be borne by the parent/guardian.


Only applicants of an age within two years of the class group will be admitted.


The academic record of the previous school attended must be available.


Impeccable behaviour at the previous school is a precondition for admission to this school.


Every parent and learner must comply with and support the mission, policies, and code of conduct as formulated in the School Code.


Every parent/guardian and learner must fully respect and maintain the disciplinary style of Gobabis Gymnasium.


Registration of new learners and re-registration of previous learners will take place at the beginning of each new school year.

Head Boy: Tiaan Jacobsz

Head Girl: Karlien Visser

Prefects: Ryan Williams

Eduard Bezuidenhout

Christiaan Louw

Lerato Bohitile

Charne Kotze

Sheri-Lee Beukes

The school mascot, Bulletjie, joined Gobabis Gymnasium at the end of 2017. He was a gift from the class of 2017.

A bull was chosen as the mascot for Gobabis Gymnasium, because we are located in Cattle Country.

Bulletjie se bloed is "GROEN"!   


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