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Sport at our school

We strive to prepare our children to live a well-balanced life, to develop through professional guidance, the abilities of individuals to enable them to take up their position in society as responsible and caring citizens once they have left school. A positive attitude towards sport is essential.  We appoint positive and willing teachers and parents as coaches.


We offer Athletics, Rugby, Netball, Cricket, Cycling and Archery as school sports


Other sport offered outside of Gobabis Gymnasium includes

Endurance Riding, Tennis, Voortrekkers, Ballet & Mountain Biking

Our Sport Coordinator,

Hardus Maritz

Athletics 2018

During the first term of the year our students take part in athletics.

The Athletics Interhouse Competition will take place on 2 February 2018 

for more information about athletics practice and coaches

Sport Achievers


Junior Sportswoman: Linda Grobbelaar

Junior Sportsman:      Christiaan Barnard

Senior Sportswoman: Jonel Coetzee

Senior Sportsman:      Ryan Williams

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